Rusty Haulmark Transport Trailer

Are you you in the market for and Enclosed Trailer?  Would you buy this Brand New Haulmark 7×16 Transport Trailer?

“You will not find a better built with better quality and better backed trailer than a Haulmark.” == Really?

haulmark trailer rust
This is the underside of a Brand New Haulmark Transport Trailer that is rusting out

Think twice before you buy a Haulmark Enclosed Trailer.  Let me share my experience with you and show you why Haulmark is a terrible choice, how poorly built they really are, and how dreadful their customer service people are.

My “Brand New” used 1 time Haulmark trailer is not only rusting apart, the screws are falling out, the rear cam door bar was put on bent.  What’s next a leaky roof?

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Door problem is due to an improperly placed/welded latch mechanism.

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This trailer was UNDERCOATED? Clearly the undercoating doesn’t work!  Perhaps they skipped a pretreatment step in the undercoating process.  My 20 year old van has a lot less rust than this on the undercarriage.  I was pretty shocked when I saw how much rust was there and how it had spread all over.


Here is what Other People are saying about Haulmark Trailers

Note:  These comments are from real users around the web who are also astounded at the poor quality and terrible support that is Haulmak Trailers.  THIS IS A VERY LONG PAGE SO SCROLL DOWN TO READ.

============== BRAND NEW RUSTBOX =============

Brand new Haulmark Rustbox

Postby digitek718 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:29 pm
So I decided to remove my luan sidewalls in preparation for electric and insulation and I am horrified at whats underneath. Every single beam is completely rusted..some of them are bent..It looks like the metal studs they used to build my trailer have been sitting outside bare for YEARS!!!! I ordered from the factory because I wanted brand new..Is this a common find?? As soon as I figure out how to post pics I will show you what I am talking about…

…After uncovering this and inspecting the trailer I have learned something about the production technique used. The whole trailer frame is put together with rusted steel that’s probably sitting in some damp warehouse. After the trailer is put together the whole frame is sprayed. On my trailer I noticed part of each vertical rusted stud is sprayed near the bottom where it meets with the horizontal stud which is sprayed. For some reason they did not spray this side of trailer-Maybe they ran out of paint, or maybe they were backed up and needed to get the trailer done and couldn’t wait for paint to dry. If they would have sprayed the studs I would have never known they were covered in rust. I just assumed that it was bare metal that was painted.

I wonder if any other or all the trailer manufacturers use this method of covering up the rust. Even the ceiling studs which are painted black I bet are covered in rust underneath that shiny paint. Not sure what I am expecting to hear from Haulmark on Tuesday. If they offer to fix the problem they are just going to paint the rusted metal. Even if they build me a new trailer all together its still going to be built with painted rusted steel because that is how they build them. Really frustrated at the lack of quality. Should I just paint the metal with rustoleum and just accept the fact that I bought a crappy made product??

============== AXLE PROBLEMS =============

Avoid Haulmark Trailers

Postby F250 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:54 pm
I bought a Haulmark, enclosed, 12′ tandum axle trailer 2 years ago. I have had it back to my dealer 3 times. It eats a set of tires every 2000 miles – wearing from the inside out. The dealer has told Haulmark it needs both axles replaced. Haulmark will not return my phone calls and has told my dealer to fight it out with the Dexter Axle Co. Dexter says to call Haulmark. All the trailer carries is an ATV, and some bags of Big Foots. So much for the poster Haulmark has posted on the inside of the trailer : “One Company, One Warranty, One Call”. Ya… RIGHT !!

============== LEAKING ROOF =============

Haulmark trailer problem
Bought a new, enclosed Haulmark trailer that continuously leaks from doors and roof. Has been fixed at dealer but is only 6 months since purchase and the problems continue. Haulmark is no help with the so-sad too-bad attitude. Anybody know a good dealer in Fl. to fix my problems once and for all?
Also, anyone else have a problem with Haulmark? In the market for another trailer and really don’t want a repeat mistake. Is this dumb luck or are all enclosed Haulmarks junk?


I purchased a new Haulmark three years ago and since then the rivets(sp) up front on the V nose have popped out, one of the bolts that helps close the cargo ramp door came loose and was stripped which had to require pullin the paneling out of the the inside of the trailer to repair. Also, the tires are extremely cheap. The trailer has never been abused and has been taken good care of and when I purchase another one it definitely wont be a Haulmark. Haulmark trailers are junk IMHO!


Director of Marketing
Posted 4 years ago in Bristol, NB

“Haulmark was a real mercenary company – too much nepotism – too many secret contracts”

What do you like about working at Haulmark Trailers?

“Pay was decent, but 60+ hours a week negated the higher pay. Range of freedom within company was refreshing, but carrying concept to fruition was nearly impossible.”

Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

“Yes…DON’T EVEN CONSIDER THE COMPANY! All former officers of the company have RAN from it afterwards, in fear that eventual collapse would lead to lawsuits that would haunt them!”

What don’t you like about working at Haulmark Trailers?

“No clear direction – worked under 3 Vice Presidents in 2.5 years, they kept firing everyone. Too many ‘secret’ contracts that influenced business actions, and you couldn’t find out what they really entailed, so that you could do what the board of directors expected…no one believed they really knew what they wanted…even at management levels!”

What suggestions do you have for management?

“Get out of the closet, speak clearly, lead by example and direct your people without so many hidden verbal agreements (like we can’t fire Tom, even if he is incompetent, because his brother was the former owner’s nephew, and the former owner leases us the facility in XX Texas) – unreal!!! The company could have a movie made after it.”
Rusted Haulmark Trailer


Haulmark TST Cargo Trailer Problems Buyers Should Be Aware Of
I have recently had a bad experience with Haulmark trailers and I thought anyone thinking about purchasing a Haulmark trailer should look out for this problem. I am not trying to flame the company, I just thought others could learn from my experience.

On Friday, May 30, 2014, I purchased a new 7’ x 16’ enclosed Haulmark TST Transport cargo trailer with tandem 3500 lb spring axles, beavertail and ramp door. For those unfamiliar with Haulmark trailers, the TST Transport model is their commercial line of trailers and is suppose to be of better quality. To be fair, I thought the trailer nicely built and a good value for the money.

On the drive home, at approximately 65 mph, the trailer started to sway, so much so that it began to pull the back of my 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 around DRAMATICALLY until speed was reduced to less that 60 mph – most exciting and dangerous to say the least.

Once home, I did an internet search and discovered that a few other Haulmark trailer owners had posted similar problems; trailers swaying at highway speeds and trailers showing excessive tire wear. It seems that the root cause of the swaying and excessive tire wear were that the axles were out of alignment and the trailer would try to pull to one side or the other and not track straight.

Sure enough, when I took measurements of the axles on my trailer I noticed two things;

1) The rear axle was offset to the right of the front axle by 3/8″.
2) The distance between the axle hub centers was not equal: the right side measurement was 33 ¼” and the left side measurement was 33 3/4″.

No wonder the trailer swayed – the axles were not parallel. The axles were ½” out of alignment creating a permanent “right turn” for the trailer. Perhaps an axle misalignment of a lesser amount would not cause the sway I experienced but only cause the excessive tire wear I read about.

I never noticed the axle misalignment while at the dealer; I just took it for granted that a new trailer from a reputable company would have the axles properly installed. After all, axles and frames are the backbone of any trailer and you expect them to be installed correctly during manufacture.

The following day, Saturday, May 31st, I returned the trailer to the dealership and was able to get my check back. Unfortunately for me, this little adventure cost me 6 hours of driving time (two 160 mile round trips) and approximately $83 in gasoline (at $3.89 a gallon) and I still have no trailer.

I have since emailed and spoken on the phone with the Universal Trailer Corporation Director of Customer Service (Haulmark Trailer parent company) numerous times about this safety concern. The Haulmark rep said that sometimes “mistakes do happen” and that this particular trailer needed to be returned to the factory and the axle misalignment examined.

Nice sentiment, but it seems that this has not happened thus far.

On June 6th, I noticed an advertisement on Craigslist for a white, 7’ X 16’ Haulmark Transport Trailer from the same dealer that I purchased my defective trailer from. I found this interesting because the picture in the ad looked an awful lot like my old trailer (Haulmark sticker on left front was installed crooked). In addition, when I bought my trailer the week before, it was the only Haulmark Transport of that size he had on his lot. Now in all fairness, I can not say with any authority that my defective trailer was indeed being resold. The only way for me to be certain would to go back to the dealer and take a look, but since that would require another 160 mile round trip just to check, and I’m not going to do that, so I only mention this as a precaution to potential buyers.

Interestingly enough, when I mentioned this possibility of the trailer being resold again (unrepaired) to the Director of Customer Service for Haulmark, I was told; “I’m getting the feeling no matter what length we go to you won’t be able to trust us. Therefore I would recommend considering other trailer sources”. I have received no correspondence from Haulmark since then.

Two weeks have passes since I purchased the defective trailer and I have not received confirmation or denial that the trailer is being repaired or replaced, though Haulmark initially told me I would be informed of such.

In light of my recent experience, I urge anybody who is purchasing a new or used trailer from Haulmark, or any manufacture for that matter, to use caution, take a few measurements and ensure for yourself that the axles are aligned, parallel and installed properly. After all, “mistakes do happen”.

I will post any responses or developments to this situation if they occur.


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Rusted Haulmark Trailer